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Caupona is a Cottage Bakery

Sourdough Bench Loaf – $8

The loaf you always want on your counter! An 18-hour naturally leavened loaf made with bread flour, a bit of whole wheat, and  salt.


Sourdough Baguette – $4

The baguette with the ultimate chew! Semolina & all-purpose flour create a baguette that’s crackly outside, tender inside. Perfect to dunk in soup or split open for your favorite sandwich. 


Everything Baguette – $5

Our classic, sourdough baguette with whipped, roasted garlic folded into the dough and topped with a house-made everything bagel seasoning! The addition of the sweet garlic makes the interior extremely soft and the outside is a crispy, crunchy dream.




Food Truck Coming Summer 2021

Sample Menu

All bread, meats, & most sauces are made in house


Dip Flight – Bread sauce, garlic confit, tomato aceto w/ three kinds of grilled bread (vegan)

White Bean Salad – Marinated white beans and lentils, pickled shallots, celery, fresh herbs, lemon (Vegan)

House Spicy Pickle – Habanero Dill

Boulder Kettle Chips – Plain or Salt & Vin

On Classic Sourdough

The Tori – Lentil patty, grilled onions, sharp cheddar, kimchi ranch (Vegetarian)

BLT – Thick-cut house bacon, local tomatoes & greens, herbed mayo

Smoked Chicken Salad – Thick-cut house bacon, smoked chicken thighs, mayo, fresh dill, local tomato & greens

*The Shaved Beef – Peppered top-round smoked rare,       charred-scallion aioli, provolone, local tomato & greens

Grilled Cheese – Raclette cheese, dijon on side

On Rye

Kimchi Grilled Cheese – Spicy kimchi, sharp cheddar  *contains shellfish

Reuben – House corned beef, Turtle Mountain Sauerkraut, Swiss, 1,000 Island on Rye (available as a special only)


Local Root Beer

Coca Cola

Boxed Water

Where We'll Be

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A Caupona used to be the name for an ancient Roman restaurant serving the people. Now it’s your community bakery and (soon to be!) smokery serving Fort Collins, CO and the Front Range! We’re launching a food truck this spring with 12-hour smoked meats & some stellar veg options on our sourdough bread. We can’t wait to see you! ~ Caupona 

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